Southern Brisbane Nerf Club

Mod Guides

Nerf Elite

Firestrike - AR removal, increase spring compression, plunger padding and O-ring enhancement
Rampage - AR removal, spring replacement, plunger padding, O-ring enhancement, half prime lock removal
Rapidstrike: The Trudgeon (overview) - Rayven stock integration, rewire, circuit separation, painting, safety removal, voltage mod (part 1)

Nerf N-Strike

Longshot Scope - Convert the scope into a tactical light
Maverick REV-6 - AR removal, coin mod and full barrel drop
Barricade RV-10 - jam door kill switch removal, electrical fun killer removal, flywheel taping and (optional extra) trigger pull flywheel activation
Blazin' Bow - spring addition, air holes taken care of
Longstrike - direct plunger conversion

Nerf Elite Mega

Magnus - spring addition and mega clip integration

Nerf Dart Tag

Nerf Vortex

Nerf Accessory

Nerf Shoulder Stock mini mod

Buzz Bee


Leyuan Hotwheel Semi-Auto Soft Bullet Gun - Performance boost (112 foot range)
Easy re-barrel guide, like, really easy!
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