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Thursday, 21 January 2016

REVIEW: Merchant Green Leather Works Clip Holster

There is no shortage of Nerf accessory manufacturers, now there is another. Merchant Green Leather Works, who were nice enough to send some clip holders my way.

Review after jump.

Firstly. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, leather. There's just something about leather. The feel, the smell, the word 'leather'. It just has a classy sound to it. Unless it's suffixed with the words 'gimp mask'.

There isn't a lot that can go wrong with a clip holster design, because, well, they hold a box. And boxes are straight. The design of the holster is beautifully simple, two leather hoops with a strap at the bottom to stop the clips from falling through. A strap at the top, fastened with a snap cap, to hold the clips in.

The leather isn't the softened or cheap variety either, it's very durable and thick. The belt loop is nice and tight which is what you want to stop the holster from jiggling too much when you're running around.

They hold the clips snugly but no so much as to make them hard to pull out in a hurry. One of my examples does show some wear on the inside, caused by the lip on the clip. The other however doesn't have any wear on the inside. So the wear I'm seeing my be specific to that one unit, and not indicative of a poorly designed product.

These have found their way into my regular loadout, they're durable and well designed. Being that these are handmade and leather, don't expect them to be too cheap. They're not made by the lowest bidder in China after all. That being said, you could pay a lot more for hand made leather goods.

To check the Merchant Green Leather Works webstore, click on this sentence.

~ Rob

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